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Ad Shaker, in a very short time was able to improve my Adwords campaigns so well that I had my greatest sales month thanks to his expertise (and my company has been in business for over 7 years). I highly recommend him for Adwords management.

David Hernandez -

We spend a lot of money each month on internet ads (AdWords, FaceBook, Bing, etc) and weren’t see very good CTRs or ROI. I thought it might be a good idea to find an expert to help but wasn’t sure what I would get out of it. Well now I know! Alex is a true expert and we’re already seeing a massive increase in results across the board! Only wish I would’ve done this a lot sooner! Great communication and an absolute pleasure to work with in every way! Highly recommended!

Jamie Kent -

Alex is a true & brilliant Facebook ads & Google ads expert/guru!! It has been a great honor to work with him and get help from him on my ads. I enjoy working with Alex as he is a very smart, passionate, honest/trustworthy, pleasant, patient, friendly person and also has the best communication skills a person could ever have. 🙂 His communication style is 100% thorough & clear which is really hard to find because from my experience many experts do not tell you everything you need to know and many of them will even hide things from you or sugar-coat the truth. Alex on the other hand, is 100% honest/transparent and will tell you everything you need to know and will even take the initiative to break it down into easy to digest details so that you will understand what he is talking about. You’re in good hands with Alex.

Young Ku -

I have worked with literally about 5 google adwords experts over the years. Some were average, some were good and some were even very very good to the point where I stayed with them for a year and a half. Ad Shaker is definitely on another level Altogether, He set up call tracking for us as to not only monitor conversions but leads and offline sales. This was one of the many things done to our campaign. His system works and our cost per conversion went down around 36% per sale. So in conclusion conversion is up, cost is down. At the end of the day the results speak for themselves. If I could give this team a10 stars I would.

Ahmad Abbas -